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Doc Nock
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Steve Graf wrote: What stuck in my craw was not that they were taking shots we might find unethical, it’s that they considered them “gimme” shots.

From the context of the story, it was obvious (to me anyway) that a 70 yard shot was super easy to them. It stuck in my craw cause I was jealous of their skill.

Thanks for that clarification, Steve…

Funny, how readers (different parts of country/different experiences) can read the same words and get entirely different perceptions!

I would have taken your words “stuck in my crawentirely differently without your clarification…

Indeed, I have to wonder if the Field Archery thing forced people to get better and practice more and extended ranges?

We have better designs, better modern materials for both bows and arrows, but we do not always (myself at least) have the “hell for leather” dedication those guys must’ve had to shoot so much and so far!

Critters, from readings, weren’t wired and as hinky as they seem today, and often stood and looked at those birds like “What the…?” where today, it SEEMS TO ME, critters see anything, wiff anything and they are OUTA HERE! Gotta be closer cause flight time will only lead to wounding.

Again, thanks for your clarification, Steve. I would agree… they were much more manly than I and far better shots, too!