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When I first watched the Art Young film years ago, not only being impressed with the hunting, shooting, country and all, I noticed the footwear.

It reminded me of the years as a young’n living in Idaho in the late 50’s and early 60’s and the hunting trips I went on with my dad plus other outdoor activities with the scouts.

This era had no neat insulated ( not insulted Bruce:wink: ) waterproof boots. We did our best to waterproof our boots with melted tallow but that of course let no moisture out as well as not in, kinda not in anyway.

I remember how cold and miserable my feet were and when I watched Art and company wading rivers, mucking in swamps in similar foot gear I wondered how did they do that.

That’s intestinal fortitude folks. As we all know miserable feet are miserable people.

They must have had way better wool socks than I. Maybe there’s other secrets that I knew not then. 😀