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Arne Moe
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Yes there is a chart available but it depends on whether you are left or right handed. IF right handed, generally high AND left is a combination of things. There are reasons for left and there are reasons for high. When you get them both at the same time it will probably be a combination of things. You will need to work on eliminating one error at a time. Start with the left errors.

Be sure your arrow nock is under your eye. Be sure your string hand is tight on your face each shot. Be sure your string hand isn’t “flipping” out from your face as you release. Be sure your bow hand stays on target. That’s 4 things to work on ONE AT A TIME!!! and see if you can get the “lefts corrected.

One way to do this is to place a vertical length of blue masking tape on the target and work to center your shots on the tape. ONE ITEM AT A TIME!!!!

Once you get that figured out, then work on elevation. Check that you are holding the bow correctly. Don’t “peek” (lift your head to watch the arrow). This time, place the blue masking tape horizontally on the target. and only work on that.

Finally, place both a vertical and horizontal tape on the target and work on both.

I would be remiss IF I didn’t add the standard coach caveat of “50# is a LOT to start with!!”

Welcome to Tradbow and Have fun!!