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David Petersen
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David — I pull 28″, which a 52″ Shrew handles well and a 54″ feels like 62″. Someone mentioned that the “long wait and price” work against Shrew. As thoroughly discussed in this thread, indeed the wait is excruciating. But price? Please see my earlier post to refute that. I’m sure there are used Coffey Shrews already selling for more than their new cost and that will be the norm in future years. Among the many blessings of the reborn traditional archery and bowhunting movement brought about by TBM over the years is that today we have SO many superb bowyers and arrowsmiths working, that who and which is “best” comes down mostly to personal preference. My preference for Shrews does NOT imply that other bows are inferior, but only that I personally prefer these “hot little redheads.”

You should also check out Java Man Bows, Gregg Coffey’s own line of unique and excellent custom sticks.

“Shrewyer” … I like that, Gregg. 😉 dave