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Just a FYI, Mike got pulled away from our banquet here in MO due to the death of his mother, (I was told).

celinsin wrote: [quote=jjnapp]
I got my name on the waiting list for a Shrew bow but I don’t think I can wait another year for them to start producing it.

I faced the same problem. I was on a 17-month wait list for a short Shrew recurve when a friend told me about Wild Horse Creek bows in Perry, KS. Mike Dunnaway, who owns WHC Bows, makes beautiful custom longbows and recurves. I ordered one of Mike’s 54-inch recurves instead of the Shrew. I love my WHC and do not regret my decision to cancel the Shrew. In fact, I’m ordering a WHC for my wife and another one of Mike’s longer recurves for myself. Mike also makes a short longbow in 54, 56, & 58 inches he calls the Kestrel, which you may consider … fast, smooth, and the quietest bows I’ve ever shot. I also shoot a Shafer Silvertip recurve, so I’m used to quality bows. But this past season I hunted more with the little WHC than my 62″ Shafer recurve.

You can’t go wrong with a WHC, and Mike Dunnaway’s a great guy to work with on designing that one-of-a-kind bow. Also, the price is reasonable … about $600 with delivery in about 3 months. 😀

Good luck with your search,

Later, Chris