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Steve Graf wrote: I think of shooting sort of like dancing. One partner has to lead, and the other has to follow. If the person following is not doing a good job, then the person leading gets all boogered up too.

For me, it’s the same with a bow. If I am shooting a bow that isn’t tuned properly and “following my lead”, then my form goes all to hell too.

I would almost go so far as to say that if the bow/arrow combo is not shooting correctly, it is not possible to establish good form with it.

I humbly suggest that you give yourself a break. Don’t concentrate on, or worry about, your form until you get a good bare shaft tune from your setup.

Well went dancing:D tonight. I did bareshaft tune, sort of. The shafts hit nock left, which for me is too stiff an arrow (leftie), but the sorta part, is I have no field points as heavy as the Wendsels. They weigh in the neighborhood of 170gr, with the inserts (they were glue on heads, from the wood arrow days) and my heaviest field point is 125gr. I remember in the Black Widow, Tour and Tuning video I have, he said a little nock left with field points is ok, if you’re going to use broadheads. They require a slightly stiffer arrow to help stabilize.

So with that factored in, plus the Wendsels weigh about 45gr more, I figured it would correct most of it. Ideally, I could have a slightly longer shaft, but since I have none around, and not the funds to buy them yet, I will at least keep it all under consideration for later date.

The arrows are xx75 2018’s, and I couldn’t find my tape measure, for some reason, but at this point length is irrelevant, since I can’t buy any just yet.

I also corrected another problem I am not sure I mentioned. The string was a 16 strand with thick serving and my arrows had to really snap hard, onto the string. I feel this caused some of the inconsistencies, I know it made the bow excessively loud.

The string is now 14 strand, with thinner serving and the arrows snap on perfectly.

I have been adjusting the brace height, nock point, and checking arrow flight, all at the same time. When I can get some longer 2018’s I’ll recheck everything.

Currently brace height is 8 1/4″ and it may go to 8 1/2 before I am done. The bow is shooting quieter, and I am already grouping more consistently.

Shooting at a 3″ dot, at 15yds, my groups went from 2 arrows 2-3″ above the dot, and 2 arrows 2-3″ below the dot, to 2 arrows nearly touching ,inside the dot, and a third arrow about 2-3 inches left of the other two. Not perfect, but MUCH improved. These groups are all with the Wendsel’s installed.

I haven’t video’d myself yet, taking graf’s advice on the arrows has helped. Funny how it’s often things I know, but either forgot or thought it might not be the issue I need to address. I will video myself next to see what i am doing wrong, and maybe find a way to post it for ya’all to view, and laugh at.:lol:.