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David Petersen
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Hay57 said … “We don’t actually NEED the antlers , but it is another good reason to get in the woods with our bows.”

In my books, that could be a darn good ethical motto for all hunting!

Mike– crawfish boil? Damn, I’m envious.

And finally, JPD, I second Fallguy about the shed hunting problem. I don’t know about NV, but here in CO the wildlife dept. (whom, I agree, doesn’t always seem to have its head screwed on right) has been forced to put date restrictions on shed hunting in some areas, like around Gunnison where tons of mule deer winter, because–guess what!–lazy stupid loser jerks on snowmobiles and ATVs were running winter herds in deep snow in hopes of making bucks drop their antlers, just like Fallguy describes. It has always been, and increasingly is so, that the honest and ethical majority must suffer for the totally worthless minority. See quote below. 😈