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Single bevel heads like Eclipse brand are basically 3 ply at the front end of the head. How do you guys deal with sharpening that part of the head? On double bevel heads, the 3 ply section, being sharpened on both bevels, is easy to get sharp. But on single bevel heads that are 3 ply on the tip, it seems you either make a choice to leave it as a single bevel with a less sharp tip or sharpen that tip-section as a double bevel and lose the single bevel advantage on the leading tip of the head.

Heads that are entirely single ply like Ashby heads, Abowyer, Samurai, Maasai, etc are all single ply from tip to tail-end and are easily sharpened, but 3 ply heads are a little more complicated to sharpen. How do you guys sharpen them?