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Stephen Graf
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GEEEEs the price went up again. I better quit procrastinating.

Patrick – I’m no expert, but here’s how I look at it.

High carbon cutlery grade steel – easier to sharpen than stainless and takes a better edge. Downside is it will likely dull faster and oxidize.

Stainless – Holds an edge better than carbon steel and won’t rust. Downside is it doesn’t take as keen an edge and it is harder to sharpen and it is a little more expensive.

Since they are so expensive, I would definitely reuse them if possible. Thus re-sharpening is required so I will probably get the high carbon steel ones.

If you get their grinding wheel sharpening system, then the stainless sharpening issue is probably mute.

Like I said, I am no knife expert. But I was at a trade show a few years ago and spoke with one of the knife vendors. He said that his line of knifes (forgot maker, but it was american) converted all their knifes to stainless. But then they got lots of complaints about how hard it was to sharpen and what a poor edge resulted. So they went back to high carbon steel on the entire line.

My guess is that for throw away broadheads that come sharp out of the package, stainless is the best option. It has been used for years on 3 bladed cheap broadheads. But when you consider a 2 bladed expensive broadhead meant to last many seasons, the merits of high carbon steel will win out….