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The hedgeapples make nice targets, both sitting and rolling down the riverbed (rabbit practice), until you actually pin one of them- then they’re just plain sticky!! I had to scrub three of my arrows more than once with hot soapy water!

Thanks on the “nice shot-nice shooting” . As much as I hate to take anything away from it, I think there was a least a little luck involved:wink:. I’ve only been trad shooting since January of this year.

I thought the snake was an Eastern Glossy, but that could very well be wrong. He had no fangs or pits, i.e. non-venomous. Maybe some kind of bull or rat snake. In any event, the only snake around me that’s as big as he was, is a dead one.

Update: I now believe this is the Northern Water Snake. It’s dull grey/brown colors must be due to its currently dry environment.