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David Petersen wrote: Thanks for the research, Jody. I will indeed check ’em out. But I’m left to wonder how we got from “dry skin due to arid climate and a month without lotion,” to alligator skin. 😛 It’s more like snake skin. 😆 Seriously, thank you. Dave

I may be responsible for the gator skin getting into the posts. Since I mentioned Lubriderm brand lotion and their sales pitch goes something like “say goodbye to gator skin” I could not resist using gator skin as a reference but not necessarily to your skin. 😳

On another note, seeing Wildschwiens post about rendered bear fat and knowing how much he loves to shoot woodchucks it reminded me of an oil made by folks in the Appalachians out of rendered Groundhog fat which was used for a number of ailments including dry skin, if one could call that an ailment. Don’t know how many groundhogs are needed to get a quart of the stuff though.