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Roger Norris
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I reject all “scent proof” stuff, on the grounds that the wind is the wind. The bloodhound doesn’t suprise me at all. I can’t imagine it working in a clean room enviroment, let alone getting dressed alonside my truck.

I’m with you on the boots Dave. I wear Bean or Schnee boots almost always. I plan my routes so that I can walk through a creek here and there, or some black muck. I rarely have a deer spook from my trail.

I had an interesting exception to that 2 seasons ago. Early October, and 3 good bucks were traveling together. All 3 bedded in the goldenrod in front of my stand, about 40 yards out. Any one of them would have been worthy of a shoulder mount..They hung out most of the morning, and then the smallest of the 3 got up to browse. He browsed back and forth across my trail, with no alarm, until he hit the spot where I had paused for a few minutes to make sure my safety harness was in place. 4 hours earlier I had stood at this spot for maybe 30 seconds. His nose hit the spot, his tail went up, and all 3 disapeared.

I took that as a lesson;If I am on my way to a specific stand site, I only pause in spots that I don’t mind comprimising. And I do my best not to touch any brush with my hands. A whitetails nose is amazing.