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Good post and good question. I mostly hunt elk. When I’m hunting big public lands and not focusing on any particular spot day after day, like a wallow, I don’t worry much about residual scent except around any place I am setting up to ambush. But if I’m using the same area over and over, I have for many years seen elk just quit coming there after a couple of days — animals I’ve not busted or knowingly spooked. I’ve always thought that rather than boots, the biggest scent we leave behind is from our hands touching stuff as we move along — move that piece of limb or brush out of the way, or lean on that tree going down a hill. So I work hard to keep my hands to myself. So far as boots I have only one very memorable experience when I was wearing GoreTex type nylon boots and walked a few feet on an elk trail while crossing then had a whole herd spook, panic and thunder away a couple of hours later at exactly that spot in the trail. Since then I’ve worn Bean hunting shoes (boots but they call them shoes) or in colder weather Schnees. If I were hunting from one or a few treestands, I’d sure wear rubber boots and try not to touch anything. Moose, as you mentioned, don’t seem to care much about anything.