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Steve Branson
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I have experienced most of what others have said as well. Spring turkey hunting, I will have deer within 20 yards on a regular basis not paying much attention to me or my scent. I chalk that one up to deer knowing when they are threatened by humans. How many times have you been out cutting firewood in the summer to come back the next day and find the area littered with deer sign? no doubt the area is saturated with human odor, not to mention all of the gasoiline vapors. They know when theyre being hunted. Deer go through a complete 180 come say early November. They know their hide is on the line, and any amount of scent will put them on alert. I practice a very strict scent control program and use rubber boots. I do own some carbon lined clothing, and I can say that I have gotten away with a little more by using them, BUT… without a strict scent program, they will not be very effective. Alot also has to do with the amount of hunting pressure in the area you are hunting.