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Stephen Graf
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I keep my cloths in a tub with a sealed lid. I drop a package of those earth scent disks in it once a year. I wash the cloths maybe 3 times a season.

I have some home made cedar oil spray that I spray on my hat and boots.

Even if you are clean as a whistle, you still have to breath. And I think your breath does more to alert deer than anything else.

In that vane, the more alert and excited you are, the more stink you give off in your breath. At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve had deer walk almost over me when I was as stinky as could be. But each time it happened, I was totally relaxed (since I didn’t know the deer were coming). So I try to project a calm mind and body.

The number one thing you can do, imho, is stop projecting killer thoughts. Be happy, and the deer will come.