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Well I live in GA and am not in favor of baiting, but looking at it from the WRD stand point, hunting is a management tool here and I mean all hunting not just bowhunting. There are a lot of deer in GA and also a lot of population growth and loss of habitat and when it comes to the value of land andits use frequently wildlife are at the end of the line.
We have long hunting seasons here in GA, in my county about 4.5 months of deer season with a limit of 12 deer, 2 antlered and 10 antlerless. That is a lot and for the past three years I have taken close to my limit since we don’t like buying drugged up raised beef but that is another rant. In my county there are an average of 55-60 deer per square mile, they are not starving and there are some huge bucks but that is a staggering number per square mile and the state of GA wants to reduce the number due to crop depredation and danger to people and automobiles from collisions. The bottom line is that the hunters are not getting the job done to WRD’s satisfaction. So like it or not they see baiting as a way to make it easier for hunters/killers to reduce deer numbers and numbers is all they are looking at. So as much as I hate it we now have baiting and instead of a hunting season we will have a killing season, the killing of habituated formerly wild life.