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Doc Nock
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I’ve got to get this old carcass to bed soon, but reading your note made me initially blush a bit for waxing a bit nostalgic and melancholy…

Alas, a rebuttal did formulate between the ears!

What you say of traditional archery is true. Go to a big shoot probably anywhere, but definitely at the few around me, and there is a surge of interest.

HA! But just in t he s tick and string as a “THING”…not the traditional values that went with it for decades. They do not hunt. They will trod over your campsite. Not the values I grew up with, let alone trad archery values!

If targets are all you care about and the bows and sticks, then I’d agree. If the “one with nature” element, the respecting nature and our place as a spirit driven part of nature, then I’d not be so quick to agree with your upbeat forecast!

I do pray you’re right and I’m dead wrong!:oops: