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Bruce Smithhammer
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Duncan wrote:

Traditional archery won’t die if we don’t let it. Studies have already shown that Gen Y is less interested in status and more interested in experiences. I think a renaissance of traditional archery is right around the corner and Gen Y will make it happen. All we have to do is plant the seeds. Show them there is a better experience to be had.

I too get caught up in the seemingly endless unbelievable things happening today but I have to remind myself that there is another way to look at it. Think in terms of good fortune and bad fortune, one follows the other and we have all experienced both. Like Yin and Yang one does not exist without the other. So don’t worry so much, nothing stays the same for very long. Feeling out of control makes us worry. All we can do is our best.

Great points, Duncan. I seriously doubt that there has ever been a period in human history in which most didn’t feel like society was going to hell in a handbasket, and that the younger generation (of whatever time period) was utterly lost and causing the irrevocable downfall of society. Yet, at least some of those same folks go on to comprise the new generation of…well, exactly what we all seem to respect and admire.

Are there many absurd and deplorable things happening today from which one could become extremely discouraged? Of course. Be glad you didn’t live in the 1700’s, or the 1200’s…or….

We must take heart, and encourage the next generation however we can, if only because the alternative would be a bleak proposition, indeed.