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    I’m sorry I’m looking for each individual does. I get asked everything from how to pack for a simple a morning hike to advanced 7+ day backpack trips and everything in between. It can be for hunting, fishing or just a hiking. I’m getting a few students who have never been outdoors and have no intention of hunting. Their goal is to learn how to be safe while out in the wilderness. I have two separate pack builds, one for the desert and one for the woods, but both are heavy packs for the average person and are built for the terrain and types of hunts that I do. Ultimately what I hope to do is make a handout with three to four different types of packs with some general variations for geography that I can handout to students and their parents so that they have a guide to reference as they build their own packs for whatever it is that they enjoy doing in the wilds. I can do it now but its always better to get other input because none of us are omnipotent and I know everyone has great little tricks that they have learned over the years. Hope this helps to clarify.