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jason samkowiak
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That was my exact thinking. I have owned a ton of bows in my first 10-12 years and was getting to the point were all I shot was a longbow even though I had a bunch of bows hanging in the closet. I loved my 2 Reynolds longbows but wanted to try a Robertson since my 2 favorite recurves were Robertson. I ordered my first purist. When it arrived I shot it for a couple weeks and said “this is it…I found what I’m looking for and am done buying bows”. I hunted with it and killed 4 deer in one week with each being a perfect text book shot. I called dick and said pull up my order form and make another one just surprise me with a different riser wood so I can tell them apart. Each year I switch them up as my main bow and strictly shoot that bow for the whole year then the other one the next year. My bow buying days are done until I need to go lighter due to age or something. I have not bought a bow since those Robertsons and I’m gonna use them until I can’t draw them.