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I actually have a callouse on my ring finger and I use a thick glove . I do have a glove with thin stalls that I can use with same results both on the finger and target .

Been working overtime trying to adhere to about everything Fred teaches in INSTINCTIVE II . Also read the recent article on the deep hook , but it doesn’t seem to work for me , but then too , I actually hold the string split finger yet only use the bottom two . Discovered this two years back in attempt to get the GOOD INLINE FORM from bowhand to string arm elbow . As I increase tension on the string the majority of the pressure is on my middle finger . By doing this I am able to keep the string arm elbow down and can easily FEEL the tension in my back .

Now don’t get me wrong , I think Fred is spot on with what he teaches . I just happen to be a little quirky in my own form and style .

I don’t mind the callouse ,,,,it’s the PLUCKING of the string on release than aggravates me . But , when I do things correct at release time ALL things are good .