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Doc Nock
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I wont say who here, but someone helped me last year and pointed out that THEY (not me) can drag their ring finger and change the tune of their arrows noticeably:shock::!:!

I don’t think I EVER had that much awareness of finger tension on my release hand! But it impressed me.

Given that I trust what this person tells me, I’m sure if you DO drag your ring finger for whatever reasons have developed over the past year(s), it may be also affecting your shooting.

I try to pay attention just as I’m “loading” my string tension as to which fingers are more engaged and I TRY to put most of my pressure on my middle finger.

I would guess if it’s something more recent, then you just need to go back to the bale and work thru it and figure out what A) you’re doing now and B) how to stop it.

As arthritis has caught up and played havoc, I find that when things just “ache or hurt” I tend to “adjust” and make part of my form screwy… have to back up and figure out what I’m doing and why, then start over correcting it again!