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2blade wrote: Here’s something you might want to try in the future. Instead of gluing the insert in use a plastic sandwich bag as a shim. Place the bag over the end of the shaft and insert the insert, it should go in fairly tight and quite often I have to push down on the shaft with the insert on solid ground to seat it. They won’t come out if using a bag or foam target, hard foam like a 3d target they might. Then you can just take a pair of pliers and pull them out by gripping the field point. Trim the shaft, reinsert and away you go.

2 BLADE That is a good tip,I use that on my knocks.Never thought about using it on the tip end. I use wood fiber bales for a target I bet I have a 100 dollars worth of inserts field points in them. Start digging to much tears up the bale. Probably stick to cutting the nock end while using this style target. 😆