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Steve Sr.
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“Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bowholder”……….as well as which functions “better”…for him, at that time, for what he uses it for, etc. etc.

I don’t and never will chronograph my arrow speed and which is better is strictly my opinion of any of them with a focus on how well I shoot it. IMHO the “human factor” determines which is indeed better and that changes over time to some.

I’ve had a Black Widow MAII, A G.Fred era Bighorn TD with two sets of limbs, a Silver Arrow Archery Limited Edition Monarch LB, A Fred Anderson “Skookum” LB, plus several longbows by various mfg that I no longer remember, and recurves from Root, Shakespeare, Pearson, Browning, Wing, and Bear. And also a few home-made versions of both.

Lengths were from 52 to 70 inches, weights from 40 to 80 lbs.

I shoot better at longer distances with the heavier riser “old” Bear Super Kodiak recurves, and better on fast moving game or fast shots in general with a longbow.

I prefer recurves for stand hunting, and longbows for stalking, big game or small. Recurves no longer than 60 inches or shorter than 56. Longbows no longer than 66 inches or shorter than 62.

That said, since I “graduated” to the realization I didn’t need heavy weight bows for my hunting, I’ve yet to have the resources for a 62 inch LB in the upper 40’s weight class.

In recurves, I definately have a “thing” for the older ones and can see no reason under the sun that they will not always “do it all” 100 percent of the time for me.

The only thing I can positively say about any or all of them is I loved each one, wish I hadn’t sold or swapped any of them and that, at one time or another in my life, each one was “better” for me.

Each one previously owned (and maybe I’ll yet to get a couple more) are ALL “better” if not the “best” purely from the memories they leave me with, coupled with their history and the tradition of simplistic efficiency.

In function, comparison is fruitless IMHO. One compares the COMBINATION of bow, bow weight, length, hunter, form and style of shooting as well as the types of shots taken in anything from 3D ranges to African plains.

“Better” is a level of confidence the hunter has with that bow in their hands using it for an intended purpose.

So, once again, with too many words used when a few would have sufficed:

All are “Better”, yet none are superior to the other when ONLY comparing the bow itself.

God Bless!
Steve Sr.