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Ron Vaughn wrote: I started shooting a recurve in 1959, and was taught to use a “high wrist” grip. It has worked well for me over the many years. When I attempt to shoot a longbow, I struggle with the grip because the handle design of the longbows do not lend themselves to the “high wrist” concept. Consequently, the recurve is my choice.


Actually I was kicking around the idea of using a high wrist grip reasoning that with my naturally short draw length of 25.5″ it may give me a little longer draw lenth and allow me use a longer and thus a heavier arrow. I just don’t hear much about using a high wrist so was reluctant to go that route. ❓ I was thinking of taking one of my bows and trying to build up the grip with tape, leather or rubber to simulate the high wrist. What to you think?