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Ron Vaughn wrote: [quote=vermonter1]:?:[quote=Ron Vaughn]I started shooting a recurve in 1959, and was taught to use a “high wrist” grip. It has worked well for me over the many years. When I attempt to shoot a longbow, I struggle with the grip because the handle design of the longbows do not lend themselves to the “high wrist” concept. Consequently, the recurve is my choice.


Actually I was kicking around the idea of using a high wrist grip reasoning that with my naturally short draw length of 25.5″ it may give me a little longer draw lenth and allow me use a longer and thus a heavier arrow. I just don’t hear much about using a high wrist so was reluctant to go that route. ❓ I was thinking of taking one of my bows and trying to build up the grip with tape, leather or rubber to simulate the high wrist. What to you think?

Responce to Vermonter1,

Building up your grip with tape or rubber may give you the desired affect of a high wrist grip, however, I noticed in the latest “3 Rivers Archery” catalog, they advertise the low, standard, and high wrist poly grips for the Dalaa bows. Perhaps attaching one of the high wrist models to your bow may give you a good solid grip. The high wrist grip runs $40.

I believe using a high wrist grip does give you a little longer draw length plus I don’t have any “torque” problems with my grip. Much less contact is made on the bow handle with the high wrist grip. My arms are not long, but I draw 29.5 inches because of the high wrist grip and having an anchor point slightly back farther than the corner of my mouth.

Ron, thanks for the insight on the high wrist grip. I am definitely going to experiment with a high wrist grip right after the deer seasons end (middle of December here in Vermont.