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Thanks for the replies. I knew I would get enough to think about for a long time. I agree with everyone’s opinion about going slow. I don’t plan to go out in the next weeks to get anything. I was just thinking that if I will make the switch, should I continue taking the time to practice. Honestly, I am more inclined to keep shooting the recurve. The main reason is technical. Canting the bow while shooting to compensate for windage and looking closely at spine because you are shooting off center all add a technical aspect. Anyway, I appreciate the replies. I will definitely be shooting my recurve for a long time to come. I was just worried that 45# is a bit “light”. I understand that a moose can be taken with a .22LR, but a 45-70 is much more ethical. Lastly, I am using Simmons Sharks. I believe they are 175 grain screw-in and I have them on aluminum shafts. Definitely need to get them razor-sharp, but I still worry about the draw weight. The last thing I want to do is wound any animal. I hope to be out for whitetail in a few months, so I will see how it goes.

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