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Bruce Smithhammer
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Alex –

Despite what you’ve apparently heard, you can ‘cant’ any style of traditional bow – recurve, traditional longbow or hybrid. Or shoot them all vertically. In fact, practicing shooting any of these bows in a variety of canted positions is great practice for real-world hunting.

As far as the ‘advantage’ of hybrid limbs over recurve limbs, it really comes down to opinion and preference. Both obviously get the job done on a regular basis. Hybrids, because of narrower limbs, and (sometimes) more slender risers as well, tend to be lighter.

And there are a whole different set of opinions and preferences when it comes to ‘advantages’ of lighter bows vs heavier (in terms of overall bow weight, not draw weight). Some people love a bow that feels really light in the hand, others prefer heavier mass which some feel adds stability. I could go on, but that’s probably enough!….