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Arne Moe
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Alex, We are all trying to tell you that you are worrying for NOTHING! It really does not matter what the bow looks like! A bow is a bow and they shoot the same. That can be held vertically or canted regardless of what they look like!!! Spine is spine! Each bow will have an arrow spine that it likes the best BUT they ALL will shoot a range of spine rated shafts for a given draw weight.

IF you feel that a center cut (shot) bow is what you want than that is what you should have. BUT it will STILL like one spine over another BUT that is dependent on draw weight AND how YOU shoot. Two people shooting the same bow MAY have different spine rated arrows for that bow and their form.

What I tried to say in my first answer is just shoot what you have, learn to shoot it with what you have, AND just enjoy it! You are worrying about stuff that largely IS NOT A PROBLEM. Once you learn to shoot, you should be able to shoot ANY bow with whatever style you develop within a very short time. I still recommend that you find a coach/mentor. That will shorten you learning curve by many months!