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Thanks for the reply. I was seriously considering a hybrid, but the one thing that keeps me leaning the way of the recurve versus the longbow is the increased technicality. I (probably more from simple paranoia more than any real-world event) just see myself forgetting arrows for my longbow on that once in a lifetime hunt and not be able to find any in the correct spine to match my bow. Recurves are easier to find arrows for as they can take a wider range of arrow spines. Might not be an actual reason, but it works for me. At least for now. I agree that shooting multiple bows is the way to go. Around me (Allentown, PA) traditional bows are somewhat of a rarity. Most mom-and-pop shops have little, if any, traditional equipment; nor do they have the knowledge to suggest anything. Places like Cabela’s have some factory made equipment that you can try, but it is more of a one size fits all thing. The big money is in selling the latest compound gadgets, so that’s where they concentrate. I’m still relatively new to all this, so I have a long way to go. The journey will definitely be fun. I am glad for these forums where I can get help from people with more experience and knowledge. Thanks again for the reply.