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Thanks again for the reply. This is exactly where my dilemma is in terms of hybrids. If you have a center-shooting hybrid, do you still cant the bow to shoot? If not, what advantage do the straight(ish) limbs give you over the recurve limbs? The technical aspect I am referring to (again, it’s probably more lack of knowledge and ignorance on the subject of traditional shooting) is getting used to true instinctive shooting, canting the bow equally each time, worrying about spine (this includes broadhead weight, arrow, etc). I am sure all of this will become second nature with time and practice, but the center-shooting recurve seems a simpler start. Again, I could be wrong. Just something to think about. All this started because I feel my 45# recurve is too light for anything over whitetails. I figure it I go chasing the big’uns, I might as well settle into a bow that I will be using from now on and practice all I can with it. So this is the time to make the changes, when I am still in the crawl phase. I’d hate to get to the walk or run phase just to go back to crawl with another bow/style. Again, I really appreciate all the input. Definitely food for thought.