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John Cholin
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I used to shoot a 62″ recurve but found it hard to manage in the tree stand environment I have in my hunting turf. I finally went to the Bear Cheyenne at 60#. With my draw length of 29.5″ I guess I am holding a 64 pound force at full-draw. I have fallen in love with this bow! At 55″ AMO (what ever that is supposed to mean because it uses a 51″ string and is 52″ tip to tip when strung) it is very nimble in both ground blinds and tree-stands. It draws smooth, no finger pinch, it is quiet with an otter fur silencer top and bottom and I am getting 4″ groups at 20 yards with cedar arrows and feather fletch. I LOVE my Bear Cheyenne!

You might want to check it out.

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John Cholin