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Steve Sr.
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2 cents before I run out of spare change. 😛

Within the world of “faster is better” bows of today, too many over look the fine shooting capabilities of bows from “before compounds”.

The feel of an old timer bow, oft times available on “the auction” for less than a 100 bucks, is not too far off from one made today selling for many times as much.

Two of my current bows are even from the 50s . Old and worn the are still worthy of shooting and perhaps? a little elbow grease invested with sand paper and a new finish will entwine the two of you a bit more. Not all NEED it but still a thought.

Like building arrows, a bit of yourself invested adds to the entire experience. Add to that fact that the bow chosen may have been “state of the art” in it’s time and “still works” like it always did.

What it was capable of then, and worked, is fully available to those willing to give them a go.

Switching from compound to trad, I will offer this advice. Please take it as intended, as helpful, yet only MY opinion.

FORGET SPEED and all the calculations involved. Pick the arrow spine that flys well at your draw and stick with what trad bows were made for.

Simplistic shooting……….and FUN! Cluttering this pure form of archery with all the statistics and calculations CAN (but dont always) conflict with what they can really offer.

Pick a sound bow of manufacturer well known at a fair price and match some arrows to it.


God Bless
Steve Sr.