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Dan Jackowiak
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Brandon, I’m not sure what the shelf cut is on that bow but according to Stu Millers spine calculator, using +1/8 for the shelf cut, those arrows are a little weak just like you said. It says that if you took a Goldtip 7595 Black XTHunter and cut it to 29″, added a 50gr insert and either a 175 gr or 200 head you would hit 22% foc with an overall arrow weight of 530grs with the 200gr head. If you used an ICS Hunter shaft instead the weight would come in around 550grs with an foc of 21%.

Your set up right now weighs 511grs with 11% foc.

Now this is a starting point and not set in stone, but I do find the calculator to be fairly close. At least close enough to get started and tune from there.