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Hi Aaron, I’m Norm. Let me start by saying I too have the issue of having to order from the States to get the things I need.I feel your pain !! One of the best things I got was a point weight test kit. Although it cost more than double after shipping and duty, it really helpful for proper bare shaft test. I read your stats and notice your arrows are shooting left. This tells me they are too stiff. The only way to fix this is add weight to the tip. There are a number of ways to add point weight, but you need to know exactly how much total point weight it takes to make your arrows shoot properly. Another thing is, shoot that bare shaft lots ! There are a good many things in a person’s form that can affect arrow flight. It only takes one of them to be less than perfect to give you a bad bare shaft reading.

I place a line of tape vertical on my target and add point weight until I’m cosistantly in that line. Unfortunately, its a trail and error process that can take some time but it is very worthwhile in the end. I also adjust my nock point so that my arrows impact slightly nock high.

As I ssaid, once you know how much point weiught it takes for proper tune, there are a few different ways to put that weight on the arrow in a more permanent fashion. I’ll leave that for another thread. Good luck, Hope this helped !