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Steve, I’ve tried a lot of different colored feathers over the years and I’ve settled on either white, orange or chartreuse.

Some colors that show out in the bright sun disappear when you shoot into a dark background.

Red, pink for example. Shoot those into a black target in the shade or dim light and I lose them.

Yellow works pretty good too and surprisingly blue seems to work.

I saw a color visibility study once, way to many years ago, the said blue had the highest visibility rating as a lure sank into deep water. They also showed it in the forest showing up. But deer it’s said can see blue. Yeah but they see white apparently cause white is alarm for whitetails.

To make all that short, our need to see the arrow flight is more important than what deer see. You move at the wrong time and it matters not what color you have.

We see colors differently between us also.

All said and done for visibility, chartreuse is easiest for me to see (and find).

Oh yeah, just gotta say I’m glad you’re liking the woodies. I just keep on going back to them.