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Stephen Graf
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Well I’ve killed a groundhog and a few grouse with the woodies so far this year. Last night I killed a 6 pointer. The arrow zipped right on through like butter.

So far, no reason to consider going back to carbons.

I do have an issue with my fletching though… I’ve been using wild turkey feathers that I chop myself. Been using them for a few years now, but always wondering about the lack of visibility.

White feathers are so much easier to see than natural feathers. Last night I just couldn’t quite make out where my arrow hit the deer. Lungs? A bit too far back? Too high?

As it turned out, the shot was spot on. But the doubt raised by not seeing the arrow hit the deer clearly contributed to my hesitation to follow up right away. I ended up waiting till the morning to discover that the deer hadn’t gone far at all.

Downside is the Coyote’s found him first. Nothing left. I left the antlers in the woods for the squirrels. Seem the right thing to do.

I might abandon the natural feathers and just use store bought white feathers. Hate to do it.

Tried bleaching the wild turkey feathers, but no luck.

I’ve tried the furry tracers, they don’t last long, and if the arrow goes through the deer, they have to be replaced. And I can never get them on perfectly oriented, so that when the arrow flies, it looks wobbly. Don’t really like ’em.

Any ideas?