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Hey Alex

In my wheelbows days I shot 2.5-3″ feathers and got great flight w broadheads out to 50 yards and beyond w my Matthews, shooting Easton A/C/E’s. Now I shoot either Beman MFX 400 or GrizzlyStik Alaskans ( depending on bow ) with 5″ lw parabolics and also get great flight (once I’m tuned! 👿 ).

I have been looking at Dr Ed’s studies utilizing his A&A fletching which appears similar to what your saying. I don’t know enough to explain it to you and have not YET tried it but it utilizes ( if I recall correctly ) short, high fletching meant to stabilize broadhead on a well tuned arrow.

There certainly are folks here WAY more knowledgeable on this topic who I’m sure can jump into the conversation.

Good luck 8)