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Steve Graf wrote: If I had an all hickory bow, I might be tempted to put some stain to it. Hickory doesn’t take stain well, but giving it several coats, with lots of soak in time usually makes some good looking wood…

To glue the skin on I would use titebond II or III. It will work better than barge cement in the long run. Put some blue painters tape along the sides of the bow to keep the glue from going where you don’t want it to. Then apply glue to both the skin and the limb. Affix the skin to the bow and get the wrinkles and bubbles out. Wrap the thing real tight with an ace bandage to hold the skins on. Once dry, shave the excess skin off the sides with a sharp razer. Remove the tape. Then use the back side of a kitchen knife or a plastic knife to rub the scales off.

Then you are ready for final sanding and finishing.

Thx Guys

Steve, some specifics….

Do I put skins on THEN Stain right over them? If so, I assume pull scales off etc first. OR do I put stain on, affix skins, then stain again…?

Also, I’ve been told yes AND no here…I want a good tough somewhat glossy finish so can I poly over everything once skins affixed and scaled and entire thing stained (Tru-Oil gun stock finish is what I’m leaning towards…:?::?:

Lot to digest…:roll:

BTW — http://www.americanheadhunters.com has copperhead skins, look to be in beautiful shape as well as all kinds of other “stuff” related to skins/bones/skulls of reptiles…:shock: