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David Petersen
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Another vote for recycled plastic. I get mine from the local post office, which, as mentioned above, gets pallets of mail wrapped in very heavy-duty plastic, which really holds up compared to flimsier plastic. What I did was call the PO and tell them I wanted a large quantity of plastic wrap, which they were happy to save up (didn’t take long) and call me to come collect. I stomp it down into double-layer burlap bags I get for 50 cents each at a local yuppie coffee place where they buy beans in bulk and roast themselves. Total cost for a great target that stops target points efficiently and can easily be picked up and moved around: one buck. It’s important, however, that you not leave ’em out in the weather, or the burlap will rot and the plastic–shredded by man arrow shots–will start leaking out and make a great mess. You can’t use such a target for broadheads, as pulling them out quickly shred both plastic and burlap. For broadheads I prefer dirt or sand piles.