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Whoa!!!! amigo,,,, first mistake… Once you start getting in any sort of close in bareshafting never cut a 1/4″ off your shaft. When I get anywhere close, I normally cut no more than 1/8″ and sometimes just the width of the saw blade.

On my last run at setup, my bareshaft was shooting pretty good. When I fletched I could still see a slight weakness in the arrow (tail left at 30yds). I pulled the nock and cut only the width of the saw blade and now have super flight.

If you were seeing point of impact to the left when holding vertical then your arrow was already too stiff (i.e. you had already cut off too much). Canting the bow only changed your starting point of the shot.

One other thing, most shooters that are not used to shooting vertical will have a different anchor point. Be it due to either improper elbow alienment or simply just not getting the hand in the right spot from not pulling fully into the anchor. It is different, I know I have the same problem.

I suggest starting over and stopping short of the center line via the right side. Fletch the arrow, shoot, then if it still seems weak you should have enough shaft behind the fletching to make atleast two super shallow cuts to see the change. If not strip the shaft, refletch again and keep trying.