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David Fudala
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There’s a distinct difference here that needs considered. When predators outside of ourselves hunt they hunt for survival. There is no discretion and no thought about how their actions will affect their target species livelihood or longevity. Mother nature takes care of that for them by programming them to cull the easily harvested first. Wolves and bears care nothing for antlers. Trophy obsession is a human emotion. Exploited by an ever growing industry over a fan base of overnight “sportsman” who grow lazier and more inept as the years go by. IMO, there have been several QDM programs that were started with the most honorable of intentions. Learn how our hunting of a species affects that species and try to manage our actions to benefit that species. This is essential due to our efficiency as hunters compared to our wild counterparts! What remains to be seen is if these programs will be able to stay the course and not be corrupted into antler factory programs whose only goal is to increase the population of trophy animals. I don’t know, maybe I have an overly grim view of things due to my own experience but managing the harvest of a species to the betterment of that species is a noble idea. Using that idea to manipulate that species into something mother nature did not intend seems ignorant.