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Stephen Graf
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As Clay said, when the dust settles, no matter what else is left, there will be traditional bowhunters. You can’t snuff out traditional bowhunting. That brings me comfort. Maybe too much comfort.

But I sense some hypocrisy in our self righteousness. I wonder how many folks who have responded to this thread are members of P&Y? I am not. I have no interest in it.

The organization is completely irrelevant to my life or way of thinking. So here we are stomping and cussing about something, but we’re not motivated enough to join up and work to change it.

Maybe there should be a movement afoot to take back the P&Y club and put it to work for the future of hunting, hunters, humanity, and the beast.

If a block of trad hunters, who are all opposed to “the book” and all the gizmo’s joined up at the same time… Maybe tradbow could have a link where people could join up and send a pre-written message with their application 😯

Otherwise it’s just much sound and fury that signify nothing…