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Col Mike
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Etter,Dave,J. ET all.

As the discussion has rebounded from ethics of hunting predators to using dogs. I feel the need to add my 2 pennies.

Have trained dogs for some 50+ years mostly retrievers,pointers and flushers–no hounds. For many years never fired a shot as Etter says just watching and working the dogs was enough.

Today I mushed 12 husky’s with 21 girl scouts as their passengers and 10 mom’s watching. While my wife gave instruction in all that they were seeing and experiencing from how the live to all the equipment and racing. My training log shows that we (Linda and I) have some 15,000 miles behind our team.

Point of all this is to say I know about dogs and hunting with them.

Ethics–OK here I go. I believe that fair chase/trad bow hunting means one hunter with his equipment stalking our ambushing his quarry in their environment. IMHO that doesn’t include tree stands, baits of any type, or the use of dogs (except for upland game and for retrieving). It means in their environment so ambushing water holes is in the environment–the prey are particularly wary there so good luck.

Biology of predator control: It is known that when our species leave them alone predators and prey establish a balance.PERIOD. When prey exceeds the holding area the predators move in and establish a balance and they generally over produce but die out when prey populations reduce. Thus balance.

Our species screws it up when we kill all the predators so we have deer eating your garden. In the west we have lions eating your cats and dogs.

Having ranted I will end by stating that local game regulations seem to me to be somewhat effective in regulating that imbalance created by our society to the detriment of our wild.

I don’t hunt predators. They seem like family to me.

Semper Fi