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I’m still killing paper products and an occasional arrow and the dream of someday actually hunting game seems like a far distant activity. Yet, even at this early stage, I know I’ll probably never willingly hunt a predator, nor run game with a dog. I have a Plott Hound pup,but he’ll not be used on bear like his ancestors were. He might do nose work and agility. That’s just me (and him) though. I would not presume to look down my nose at anyone did hunt with hounds as that too can be an art.

It is refreshing to read a thread with no vituperative nonsense in it. Thank you.

I am annoyed with a certain Eastern Washington rancher who runs his cattle on public land and squalled to the State about recently re-introduced wolves causing WF&G to spend $50K+ to kill one of the wolves and another $20K+ to kill four more from a helo with not but dubious “proof” that the wolves killed his cow. I know this is off topic, but, I join my dogs in a howl now and then cause it feels good to do so. It feels pretty good to howl with you guys too.