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Stephen Graf
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Well hummmmmm. Sounds like a few of us had a little bozo sprinkled on our eggs this morning 🙄 I’ll take a stab here and actually address the question.

I have had issues with glasses too. The two problems I had is that the string will sometimes hit the bottom of the frame as I draw, and the frame of the glasses will sometimes block my dominant eye’s view of the target.

I have always like the traditional look of round glasses. A few years ago, the optometrist I went to quit carrying them. Notice I say “went”… I found a new place with better attitude and service. They also talked me out of my old round glasses and into some of these new-fangled rectangular ones without frames.

I have to say they are the best glasses I have owned in terms of their lack of involvement in my shot. Because they are narrower, my string does not hit the bottom of the lense, and because there is no frames, they don’t interfere with my view of the target.

A wee bit expensive though…