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Treetopflier wrote: Chiloquin said, “they have out grown the wilderness.”
Well it seems to me that we have a logical, if not easy, fix here: get more wilderness! I like the way you guys “argue” so politely and I’m trying to learn to be as good as you at this tough stuff. And like you, I’d sure rather be hunting. 😛 ttf

My point is if they are coming in town to eat, what are they doing to the elk and deer in the woods!

I have a TON of respect for Dave, He is doing great things promoting the way hunting should be. There is no way I would “argue” with him, but the situation in Oregon is a hard one due to the ban of dog and bait hunting–and I was offering information for an open mind to chew on, as our circumstances here are out of balance.

I will not poke at anyone here!