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Col Mike
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Red-Welcome. Much good advice from the experts here–Steve’s is darn good. Jim’s is great.

You won’t believe this but Dave’s advice is right on in a few weeks you will be answering ?. That’s what’s great about this site all are welcome no matter their experience and your opinions/advice are treated gently as befits a trad bow hunter and this clan.

As a beginner –I can offer only a few thoughts:

1. Shoot the weight bow that you can handle comfortably from any position. The amount weight you pull is only important based on the animal you hunt–we are not working out in a gym.

2. Arrows that are tuned to the bow fly straight to the target and are heavy enough to provide the ethical kill (see the Ashby section) are most important.

3.Woodsmen skills are in my opinion just as important as the preceding 2. Awareness, tracking, observing,stalking etc. will add enjoyment to your time in the field.

Enjoy and trust we will hear more from you.

Semper Fi