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Konrad… this is great stuff. But likely belongs over in the Trailhead for those just starting out.

I suspect not a lot of responses, mainly because there is another school of thought here as well…..

Are you a Target Archer? Or a Bowhunter? In target shooting – stance, foot placement, alignment to target, sight picture / target recognition, release, follow through… all critical basic fundamentals. Mandatory to consistently hit the X Spot on an NFAA 5 Spot or 12 ring on a 3D tyarget. But for Deer, Elk, Bear or any other animal.. they are not going to pose for you, while you orientate yourself for the perfect target shot. One of the advantages of hunting with a longbow is the flexibility – verstility of positions, much less than perfect shooting positions that allow for making a good shot.

For hunting situations I just remember a couple of things: 1 -confirm solid anchor, 2 – confirm sight picture “pick the spot”, 3 – pull through the shot and follow through (when the shot is complete my drawing hand fingers touch my drawing shoulder).

You are right on… I remember a discussion a few years back “the world revolves on it’s hips! The hips and shoulders need to be aligned to the target – whatever it is.