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Those pics were taken near the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM. There are sightings of mtn. lions around the Panhandle from time to time. My best friend, Gerald Johnson ret. Yellow Jacket Longbows, live south of Amarillo a bit in a canyon that’s a part of Palo Duro Canyon, had a cougar kill and bury the remains and return to feed on a mule deer two or three yrs. ago. A neighbor of his down there observed one running about awhile back. One up around Skellytown was eating someone’s goats here not long ago. They’re around, there’s some mighty rough canyon country around here, the Canadian River breaks are a good example. Where I hunt on the Canadian, one of our members was spooked and wouldn’t take his dogs quail hunting in this one area because of a run in with a cat.